Marc Jaffe

Marc Jaffe, who makes his home in Williamstown, Massachusetts, is a long-time editor and publisher. He was a major figure in the corporate publishing world as Editorial Director of Bantam Books for 19 years. While at Bantam he published such authors as Norman Mailer, E.L. Doctorow, Gore Vidal, J.D. Salinger, William Styron and Judith Krantz. He worked closely with  Louis L’Amour during that writer’s rise to world bestsellerdom. He initiated books with William Peter Blatty (the iconic bestseller The Exorcist) , Peter Maas(Serpico), and many others, also shepherding important publishing projects including Bantam Modern Classics and the Bantam Foreign Language Dictionaries — the only such series ever developed by a paperback publisher.  He was a leading participant in Bantam’s ground breaking series of “instant” books, which were published within days of major events such as the release of the Warren Commission Report, President Nixon’s historic visit to China, and the Israeli raid to release hostages in Uganda—William Stevenson’s 90 Minutes at Entebbe.

After leaving BantamMarc Jaffe joined Random House, first as Editorial Director of Ballantine Books, then as founder of the Villard Books imprint. In the 1980s he was invited by Houghton Mifflin Company to establish his own imprint, Marc Jaffe Books. During the succeeding ten years, the imprint published a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction including James Dickey’s last novel,  To The White Sea, the bestselling history of the Israeli intelligence services, Every Spy a Prince, by Yossi Melman and Dan Raviv,  Mind Over Water, by Craig Lambert, and the highly respected Diabetes Cookbook as well as the Wellness Encyclopedia. He also brought to Houghton Mifflin the internationally known book designer David Larkin, whose book, Barn, became an immediate bestseller in the art book category. Since leaving Houghton, Jaffe has been working with writers of fiction and nonfiction as an editor and publishing consultant. Recent titles he has edited include William Peter Blatty’s Dimiter, Kevin O’Hara’s A Lucky Irish LadVictor Villaseñor’s Crazy Loco Love, and a major work of contemporary history, Latinos And The Nation’s Future, by Henry Cisneros. He partnered with Alvin Josephy, Jr. in editing the late historian’s final work, Lewis and Clark Through Indian Eyes. He has also edited a number of anthologies, including Three Great Novels of the Civil War, Four Great Novels of the West and Best Stories of the American West, Vol. 1.

Over the years, Jaffe has lectured widely on editorial and publishing matters in general and has offered publishing workshops both in the Northeast and across the country.

“Marc Jaffe has a wide-open mind, a fine editorial hand and took a chance on me when nobody else would.
-William Peter Blatty

“Marc Jaffe has always been an editor quick to encourage and support the best efforts of a writer no matter the subject or genre.  In addition, he’s a highly experienced, insightful, first-rate hand with a blue pencil, making sure that each book reaches it’s ultimate editorial and sales potential.”
-Roger Cooper
Vice-president, Publisher
Vangard Press